Divorce is a difficult transition for any family. Whether you are a childless couple that has been married for just a short time or you are ending a long-term marriage in which children are affected, it is important you have experienced legal guidance. Understanding the Florida divorce process and knowing what steps to take to end your marriage as efficiently as possible is essential to the success of the transition.

No matter your situation, you have options when it comes to divorce. You and your spouse can divide assets and make important decisions about child custody and spousal support through mediation. You can ask a neutral third-party to take control of these decisions outside of the courtroom, or you can allow a Florida family law court complete control of your divorce. No matter the option you choose, you need an experienced family law attorney in your corner.

Troy Klein has spent years helping families transition from marriage to divorce. He understands how complicated and emotional the process can be and he knows that every situation is different. If you have questions about divorce or you are ready to move forward with divorce proceedings, contact Troy at 561.683.7808.