Custody issues are some of the most contentious in a divorce. Parents want to do what is best for their children and ensure they live in the healthiest environment possible. Custody decisions can also affect the impact divorce has on children. In most cases, the more stability a child has during the transition of divorce the better.

If you are in the process of divorce or post-divorce you find the custody arrangement is not ideal, you need to work with an experienced attorney. He or she can provide guidance and ensure your rights and the best interests of your child are protected.

Troy Klein has been assisting Florida families with custody issues for several years. He understands that each situation is different and the needs of every child are going to vary from family to family. No matter the current state of a parent’s relationship, Troy knows his first priority is to protect the most vulnerable members of a family – the children.

If you are considering divorce or divorce proceedings have begun and you want to do whatever possible to protect your children, Troy can help. He is an expert in laws affecting Florida families and custody situations. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, contact him at 561.683.7808.