Alimony or spousal support can be a hotly contested issue in divorce proceedings. Despite ending your ties to your spouse, you might find you are still responsible for his or her financial well-being or that you are in need of financial support for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, it is rare that divorcing spouses see eye-to-eye on alimony issues.

There are many factors affecting alimony arrangements. Often, the arrangements made in the immediate aftermath of divorce are not permanent. Financial support is needed to help one spouse get back on his or her feet following the end of the marriage. Alimony might also be necessary based on the arrangements that were in effect during the marriage. Every situation is different, which is why it is so important to work with an attorney that not only understands Florida divorce law, but also takes the time to understand your family’s specific circumstances.

Troy Klein knows how difficult it can be for divorcing spouses to agree on alimony. He has worked with many Florida families that are caught up in a contentious battle over alimony. He knows that litigation is often necessary to end alimony disputes, but he also understands that mediation can be effective for couples willing to negotiate an arrangement that is right for their situation.

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